Zone 3 Rates

Zone 3—150 Miles Round Trip

The Zone 3 service area includes Lynchburg, Waynesboro, Newport News, and other outlying areas.

Normal response times are within 24-48 hours in Zone 3.
Emergency calls requiring same-day service will incur an additional $125 charge.

The Zone 3 service call charge is $345.00

Each additional mile of travel will incur a $2.50 charge.  Mileage charges are based on average fuel costs and are subject to change or additional fuel surcharges.


  • Labor

Labor rates are $125.00 for the first hour and $35 for each additional ¼ hour.
Labor Minimum Charge:  1 hour + Zone specific Service Call charge.

Charges are based on regular working hours, Monday through Friday; 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Non-regular working hours and Saturdays incur standard overtime pay (time and a half).

Sundays and holidays incur double time.


  • Parts

All parts needed for repair will incur an additional cost based on standard list price.  Parts prices are available upon request and do not include applicable sales tax.


  • Contract & Payment, Service Calls

Service calls are contracted on an “as needed” basis.  Payment must be made in full by the customer within 30 days of completion of service.  Failure to remit will result in late fees.  New service customers must provide an approved credit card prior to the first service call.  Payment for the first service call will be charged to the customer’s credit card directly after the completion of service.


  • Additional Terms, Service Calls

New installations require a five business day advance notice to avoid emergency rates.
Preventative maintenance and pre-paid service contracts are available upon request.
Cooperate volume rates are available for some customers upon request; contact ACT for details.


  • Review

The terms and conditions are valid for service and maintenance on the brands listed above.  Quality service is guaranteed on these brands based on parts inventory and manufactory training.
Service requests will be faxed to ACT with a follow-up telephone call to confirm receipt.

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